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Should NFL Force Players to Talk to the Media?

Over the past two days Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has shown that the NFL shouldn’t force players to talk to the media. On Tuesday, Lynch left the Super Bowl Media Day after only 6 minutes and 20 seconds. He walked out today after just 7 minutes. 

Lynch does not enjoy talking to the media. You can see the anxiety and discomfort. His teammate, fullback Michael Robinson, sat with him today for moral support during his brief time at the media table, and even answered some questions for him.

Lynch was fined by the NFL earlier this month $50,000 for not talking to the media the entire season. The NFL requires the players to be available to the media after games and at least once during the week. With the Super Bowl, they are to attend all media events. Lynch stated several times over the course of the two days that he was only there so he “didn’t get fined again”.

In one of the few questions Lynch did answer, he brought up a good point. He asked the media “Y’all say y’all was the bridge from the players to the fans and the fans really ain’t tripping. So then, what’s the point? What’s the purpose?”

So if there are so many players that love the spotlight and talking to the media, why should the NFL force one player to do something he clearly does not like doing?

Watch the video from today's media session.



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